From Idea to Prototype

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2 min readMay 28, 2024


Amos Jaimes

The Seeds of Power Fellowship has allowed me to blossom in my own passions. Before the SOP fellowship, I was not pouring in to my interests in creating content that surrounded diversity and equity initiatives. I was focused on getting my school work done and not pushing myself any further than that.

The SOP fellowship crafted a space for me to delve deep into my interests and what projects I would like to focus on. This space allowed me to focus on how to highlight student activism and use that to empower current students.

History and Healing

My fellowship project focuses on the history of student activism. This supports students in their discovery of their own history. Personally, writing and discovering student activism history has been healing for me. It has delved into being affirming of my own high school student activism.


Once I began to finish my research, I began the drafting process for different blog posts on my website. The first iteration of my website focused on educators and providing them with curriculum resources.

After working with coworkers, we discussed how difficult it may be to have curriculum plans approved. This is especially true for the current climate of education. Based on the recommendation, I pivoted my project to be more centered on blog posts for students.

Current Version

Currently, the website has flipped from being curriculum focused to being more focused on the stories of historical student activism. This change is in the anime of my website, the landing page, and the emphasis on blog posts.

In the future, I am hoping to add a gaming element to my website so that students can interact with the material in a different way. I also want to explore different ways to make my website interactive.



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